• Adrienne

Cross Country Trip

Dad and I drove from New York to San Francisco in 2010. Here's a little travelogue covering his finest jokes:

Day 1- Dad in reference to traffic resulting from roadwork: "Does Obama know about this?"

Day 2- Adrienne: "Dad do you want this apple with your lunch?" Dad: "No, I'm not that kind of guy."

Day 3- Dad: "Adrienne, what channel is Jersey Shore?!?"

Day 5- Dad, upon sighting some locals in Billings, Montanta "OH!... (stage whisper) Methies!"

Day 6- Dad: "We have all the major food groups- tostitos, hummus, olives, and gin."

Day 7- Dad, at the wheel "Oh! Am I driving? I guess I am."

Day 9- Dad, in response to 'new' speed limits in Nevada: "Oh...it must be those Mad Women Against Driving"

Day 9- La Fiesta in Elko, NV. Dad: "I'll have the deep fried tacos."

Day 10- Finally in CA, Dad in response to heavy traffic: "This is unacceptable. I'm gonna tweet Obama"